Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day #40 - Picture #40

Cleaning his Room...yeah right!

So, Garretts 8th birthday is fast approaching and he wants to have a few friends over for a playdate. Well, the condition is, if he cleans his room, then we'll talk about it, but no one is going to come over with his room looking like it does (I won't dare post a picture of that). So he asked me if I'd help....of course I will but he has to show me that he's putting forth an effort....well, he went into his room this evening to start, and I told him I'd be in there shortly to help....Well, when I went in there tonight to start helping, this is how I found him - laying in his bean bag watching tv. He looks up at me and gives me this big 'ol grin...gotta love cuteness, but geez Garrett, you've gotta get that room clean!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

That IS an awful smile!! And guess what....his room couldn't possibly be any worse than my kids rooms used to be at his age. They DO seem to get a little neater as they get older.