Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day #38 - Picture #38

Anticipation for Things to Come

Out of all the pictures that I took yesterday, I decided to go with this one. Even though I know divorce is hard on kids, I know it was the best thing for Richie and I. The fact that we're able to get along is absolutely wonderful, and Garrett clearly benefits from it! This is my weekend with Garrett, but Richie got a canoe and Garrett wanted to go over and see it! So of course I took him!! Just the look on his face when he saw the canoe and his Dad was completely priceless. And just to hear them talk about warmer weather, and where they were gonna take the boat, made my heart flutter a bit. Richie never wanted children. Period. But he got two out of the deal. Jackie came with me as a packaged deal, and then we had Garrett together. I am really happy to see Richie (first hand) step up to the plate, and do things with his son- make those memories together and to be the father that I know deep down that he can be. I'm not saying he's a bad father, it's just nice to finally see it first hand for myself - Richie actually doing things with Garrett!! Go Richie!


Sandee said...

What a great photo....a smile a mile wide! These are the moments we live for, arent' they? I'm so glad to hear a couple who are mature enough to get along after a divorce - for the sake of the children who don't get to choose their parents.... getting along is so important. Bless your sweet hearts!

Amy said...

What an awesome picture....He's adorable!!