Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

Today we all slept in…not really sure why, maybe just everything was catching up with us, and all of us seem to be on the verge of getting sick, but none of us quite giving in to it!! Thank goodness!! Richie called and said that he felt better and was going to try and come and get Garrett for the weekend!

So before Garrett left today, I went ahead and gave him his Valentine Goodies….Well, we all know about Garrett's obsession with Webkinz…and his Webkinz count total is up to 15 now, with the addition of the "Love Monkey" today. He named her "lovely", and was a request for Valentine's Day. So when I gave him his little bag of goodies and this monkey, he just looked at me and smiled, and told me that I was the best. How sweet is that? He was happy, and that makes me happy! Happy Valentine's Day Little Man!

Also had to take a few extras....hoping to scrap a layout with these!

Shawn of course had to work, so that put a damper on any plans that we may have wanted to make….but that’s okay as I went to the mall to see him instead!! He took a short break and we walked around the mall together. I then came home and made us dinner, so that when he got home we could eat and spend some time together. And since our time together lately has been really very little, we try to take advantage of every moment possible!!

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