Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day #57 - Picture #57

My Office at Work

I know I’ve posted a picture of me at work before, but I’ve never really taken a picture of “my office” per say. So today, I figured I’d do just that! As you can see by all the paperwork, that that’s what my job pretty much entails! I handle all of the Accounts Payable, and several other different duties!! The basic ones stay the same, but since there are only four of us in the office, we all try to cross-train as much as possible so when someone is out, we can all help out!! Just look at all that shredding up against the wall that needs to be done! And notice the heater under my desk (which IS on right now)!! It’s a shame that I work for a heating and air conditioning company, and we all have our own heaters and fans under our desks….. too many hormones in the building I guess! LOL. As for my office, nothing to terribly exciting about it…just wanted to share with you where I spend the majority of my time when I’m not at home! Gotta have my antenna-less radio….on Q98, and of course pictures of my children, most used phone numbers, as well as artwork Garrett has made for me over time.

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Sandee said...

I want to know more about your beautiful daughter. I love the art wall. I have a collection of children's art that I want to put into a quilt. I am going to use the sailboat on your wall and the precious family of three. ... as good as a Van Gogh hanging on your walls. Thanks for sharing. It is fun with visions of you in your surroundings. Hugs!