Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Friday February 13th

I still have Garrett tonight too! Even though it's Richie's weekend, he is still really, really sick and agreed to let me keep Garrett for him for another night! So, after work we headed off to Toys R Us. They were giving away the Mysterious Shaymin Pokemon.... Basically we had to take Garretts Nintendo DS and his Diamond & Pearl Version Pokemon Games to the DS Download Station at Toys R Us. He then stood by the DS in the store and "linked" up to it. He then was given the Shaymin Pokemon Character. He was so excited to get this character because it is very, very rare and you can't catch it. They also gave us a small Pokemon poster and a $5.00 off coupon for any Pokemon game....

Then off to the mall to see Shawn, have some ice cream, and spend a little money! Clinque Bonus time again ladies!! Then I let Garrett ride the carousel twice, and fed him Chic-fil-a....a must everytime we go to the mall!!

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