Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day #48 - Picture #48

Black History Month Project
Thurgood Marshall

As we all know February is Black History Month, and Garrett was given his first official assignment related to this! He was given Thurgood Marshall as his person to focus on. I of course helped him find information, but for the most part Garrett surprisingly did the majority of this project. He really retained so much of the information that he read on Thurgood Marshall too. I really enjoyed quizzing him and having him answer me with the correct answers. Makes a Mom proud! The project is due today, and I figured it would be the perfect picture for the day! Requirements for the project were to write a report, and then cover a cereal box and decorate it, and then fill your box with at least eight things relating to your person! We chose pictures, memorials, time lines, stamps, quotes, and several different items! We (notice I said we) put a lot of research into this!

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