Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day #51 - Picture #51

Asleep at Red Robin

Okay, so Garrett and I both stay home again today...neither of us feeling 100%, but both well on our way to completely being over whatever it is that we have going on. Funny thing is, all of us have had different symptoms so it's kinda hard to say whether or not we all had the same thing or not. We did have errands to run this afternoon. Feeling bad or not, they just had to be done, not to mention Garrett's birthday is this weekend and we had made plans with our friends to go out together and celebrate. That celebration being going to Red Robin for dinner. We went kinda late, but Shawn was working and we were trying to wait on him! So about nine o'clock we made it there. Sat down, ordered our food, and out came the fries...I'd say within ten minutes of getting the fries, Garrett was crashed. Funny thing is, I took several different pictures today, but since this "sleeping" thing of Garrett's has come be be something of a routine, I figured this was the picture! Every single time we have gone out to Red Robin with Gary, Gnell and the kids, Garrett falls asleep. Unfortunately for Garrett tonight, he missed out on his hot fudge sundae and them singing Happy Birthday to him! Hmmuuuuummmm wonder if that's why he went to sleep!

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