Saturday, February 28, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now

So it's rainy and nasty here today....and Garrett is with his no excuse not to scrap right?? Right!! So here's one that really came together quickly for me, and I'm pretty pleased with the way it came out! Thanks for looking !

…I sure hope so, NOW anyways. Garrett you are always listening to Mommy’s Ipod loudly, really loudly!! And now we know why!! I took you to the doctor today for a routine prescription follow up! We take your shirt off like we were asked to do, and waited for Dr. Sy. Once he arrived he asked me a few questions, and then began examining you. When he looks into your right ear, he said “Oh My. What’s in there”….and after some effort he proceeds to pull out a starburst candy wrapper from your ear. I swear it was GROSS!! It actually looked like an earthworm or something similar. And your reasoning?? You had put the paper in your ear during your Christmas Concert in December (almost 2 months ago to the day). That paper has been in there TWO MONTHS!! You said the concert was too loud and you wanted to block out some of the noise. Dr. Sy said that every time we cleaned your ear with Q-tips we were actually pushing it in further. Luckily there was no damage or infection. And of course, you just shrug your shoulders and said “I forgot I put it there”!!

**originally I had thought it was Christmas paper, but Garrett corrected was a starburst candy wrapper!

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patti west said...

OMG!! A candy wrapper in the ear! We once had a penny in the poop! LOL! Glad he's okay & I love the lo. That houndstooth pp is rockin'.