Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can't believe it's Tuesday already....

With so much going on the past week or so, and with illnesses left and right, I haven't had much time to just sit down and spend time on the computer...I have tried really hard to keep up with my 365 Project as I fear if I get behind on that, then it'll be a nightmare trying to catch up...

Garrett turned eight on Sunday...Can't believe how time has flown by....and just think, Jackie will be 21 in less than two weeks! holy cow, no wonder I'm getting a new patch of grey these days....

Thought I'd share a few pictures to highlight Garrett's birthday for you!

**Pancakes and Bacon per his request!! *Notice his cute artwork on the wall behind

We got him a Wii for his birthday with an additional game! He was in complete heaven at this point!!

Playing some Spong Bob before we left to pick up Lamaar and head to Fun Fun FUn for his Birthday Party!

Fun Fun Fun

The Birthday Boy!

Make a Wish Little Man!! (Cake Number One!! Yummy - Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen!)

I'm really glad that his Dad decided to make an appearance! I was really proud of him. It was really good for Garrett to have him there too!!

Opening a few gifts! You can't imagine how many cards with $$$ in them that he got today!

Just a few of the Party Guests, a couple more arrived after the picture was taken!

He and his classmates had an absolute blast playing the video games, especially the Alien one....they just kept continuously feeding the machine tokens....I think at one point, Garrett used every single one that he had on that game...

Then shortly after 4:30 Garrett came to me and said that he was ready to go home that he was tired, and didn't feel well....keep in mind he had been sick all week...I think at one point his exact words were "I'm all partied out Mom". So we went home and let him rest for a bit. Lamaar was still with us too! A little later we went to Wally World and let Garrett spend his birthday money....he bought a Nerf Wii game that came with the gun, and a game for his Nintendo DS....I think he had right at $64.00 dollars!

Later we ordered Pizza and let the boys play the Wii for awhile!

It was quite entertaining to watch Garrett play boxing...I can't remember when I've laughed so hard!!

Then before we took Lamaar home, we had Cake #2 for the night, and of course, another wish just had to be made!!

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Babydoll said...

Looks like Garrett had a blast!! Oh what I wouldn't give for a Wii!! :)