Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday February 15th

Shawn of course had to work ....opening to close....Gosh that gets so old!! But yet again, I can't complain because he does have a job, and there are so many people out there who don't or who are about to lose theirs!!

Richie brought Garrett home around lunch time today! Garrett has a Black History month project on Thurgood Marshall due this coming Tuesday, and we were no where near done with it...of course when it comes to things like this, Richie isn't much help either! So Garrett and I pretty much spent the whole day working on his project, and he played on his computer off and on throughout the day and during our breaks from his project! I have to say that it all came together nicely and I think Garrett did a really good job with it! I'm so amazed daily at his ability to retain the information that he takes in. Both of my children have been blessed with that ability!! Hopefully he'll get a really good grade on this project....especially since he did work really hard, plus since he went back to school after Christmas break, he seems to finally be settling in at school....

A little after six or so, Garrett did tell me that he wasn’t feeling so well, and that he wanted to lay down…..so I started panicking just a bit. I was praying that he wasn’t coming down with the flu like Richie had….I did take his temperature and he had a 101.2 fever, so I gave him some Tylenol and put him in my bed and let him lay there and watch tv…. I had also given him some cold medicine earlier in the day for his cough and congestion.

Around 7:00 I think it was, the Pokemon Movie came on on Cartoon Network! I didn’t realize that it was the same one that Garrett had just gotten the poster of on Friday at Toys R Us, and one of the main characters in the movie was Shaymin….the character that they were giving away at the DS Docking station at the store!! The name of the movie was Giratina and the Sky Warrior!! Had to chuckle to myself though…Garrett / Giratina….male/ female…oh well! It takes so little to make me chuckle these days!!

By the time the movie was half over, Garrett was feeling much better and ready to eat. So I fed him, bathed him, and sent him off to bed…. if he felt okay in the morning (and with no fever), he was going to go to school the next day!!

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