Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day #163 - Picture #163 (Friday)

Dinner ar Burger King....again (for Garrett)

When asked what he wanted for dinner tonight, Garrett of course said Burger King, when I asked why, he said cuz of the extra pickles Mom....so we went through drive thru and got him his cheeseburger with "extra pickles"

Day #162 - Picture #162 (Thursday)

Dinner at Burker King

Cuz the obsessions with Burger King Cheeseburgers continues, not to mention, they have Pokemon cards in the Kids Meals.

Day #161 - Picture #161 (Wednesday)

Pictures from Richie....will post as soon as he emails them to me.

Day #160 - Picture #160 (Tuesday)

Fresh Milk and Oreos

My Favorite Night Time Snack (after ice cream of course!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Contest Time....Count 'em up Challenge!

Cookin' up Creations invites you to the Count 'em up Challenge. This challenge will run for the entire month of July and will be chocked full of challenges, games, and lots and lots of fun! Not only will there be daily challenges, there will also be weekly challenges, photo challenges, and a month long challenge as well!

Don't sweat it though... just because challenges are posted everyday doesn't mean you have to scrap everyday! You will earn points for every challenge you complete... so you can scrap for the entire month, rak up those points and still be a winner at the end of the month!

Sign ups begin June 25th and end on July 5th. So grab a friend and tell them it's time to get their summer scrap on!

The first challenge will be posted on July 1 and every day a new one will be posted... each one worth a variety of points!

PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES!!!! Come scrap with us and you may be a winner! This is one summer challenge where there's no sweating involved. You definitely won't want to miss this one!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day #159 - Picture #159 (Monday)

Riding Bikes Down at the Funeral Home....again

Day #158 - Picture #158 (Sunday)

Not Feeling So Well

When Richie brought Garrett home today, he said that they had been fishing all day and that Garrett was tired, and needed a bath....what he didn't mention was that Garrett wasn't feeling well either. I'm pretty confident that he had just gotten a little to hot during the day because after throwing up, he decided that he was hungry and wanted something to eat.

Day #157 - Picture #157 (Saturday)

My Southern Comfort Food of Choice

To some, this is gross, nasty, and even disgusting. For me, it's my comfort food. I rarely make it, but when I do, I kinda eat way toooo much of it. It's nothing but great northern beans, cooked with a ham hock, and then ketchup and onions to taste. Yummy!

Day #156 - Picture #156 (Friday)

Last Day of School / 2nd Grade

Best I could get this morning....I tried to take a few before we left for school but Garrett wasn't really very cooperative...then on the way to school, I managed to take another picture while waiting at the red light....and then finally I got one as he was walking away from the car....was hoping for a few better ones, but it was raining and I didn't want to get the camera wet....I am grateful for what I was able to get though!

Day #155 - Picture #155 (Thursday)

Awards Ceremony at School (End of Year)

This was not your typical awards ceremony. Ms Pownall and the rest of the school all had their awards ceremonies in the classroom, with the parents present, and a party afterwards. Shawn and I were both able to attend, and we watched as Garrett got his end of the year awards. Go Garrett!! Then of course, I had to make sure that I got a picture of Garrett with his teacher, Ms. Pownall.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mini Online Crop

WHEN Friday June 19th – Saturday June 20th
Beginning @ 6:00 pm EST on Friday and Ending @ 9:00 EST Saturday

Cookin’ Up Creations is a brand new online community joined together to share in our common passion for scrapbooking. Our goal is to creatively preserve treasured memories while sharing fun, friendship and inspiration. New members are always welcome. And we’re looking for you!! That’s why this Friday night we’re going to have our very first “mini online crop”. The crop will be hosted by our current members, and will include such activities as challenges, games, prizes, socializing, and lots & lots of fun! So grab your apron and start cookin’ up your scrapbooking creations ! Bon Appetite!!

Day #154 - Picture #154 (Wednesday)

The New Kitty

Per Garretts request this evening, I took some pictures of him with the new kitty that he and his dad got from someone on Craigslist...she really is an adoreable kitten...very dark in color and too cute for words.

Day # 153 - Picture #153 (Tuesday)

Tyler's Chorus Performance

Tonight Shawn and I drove to Rosewood, North Carolina where his son Tyler lives. He was having his year end chorus perfermance. It was help in the Middle School Gym, and the lighting was completely awful, so there were no good pictures taken by me! Shawn's ex-wife did take a few and hopefully they come out better than mine....we're waiting to see! Did I mention that it was in the gym? OMG the temperature in that place was completely stifling...just imagine, 90+ degrees outside, and no A/C on the inside with 100+ people...

Day # 152 - Picture #152 (Monday)

Hope Mills Lake ...yet again. It wears a boy OUT!

Tonight after work, we ran to the Food Lion to get a few things and a swimming noodle for Garrett (I'm sure they have a name), and then we took him to Hope Mills Lake again for about an hour...We changed his clothes in the car and ran to Ci Ci's for a quick dinner of pizza. Once we got home, we did our typical nightly routine and Garrett went to bed reading an AR book....apparantly the activities of the evening wore him out as he was asleep within three minutes of going to bed. Gotta love them when they're sleeping!

Day # 151 - Picture #151 (Sunday)

Hope Mills Lake...again!

Today we decided to take Garrett to the Lake again. He had so much fun yesterday that he requested we go back...so why not right? We waited til later in the evening for it too cool off a bit, and then stayed there for a little over an hour.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My New Scrapbooking Website - Cookin' Up Creations

Woo Hoo!! We've finally go it up and running now (thank you Shawn, you know I love ya ;)) and the message board and gallery are fully functional.....we're still trying to fine tune all the little things (i.e. colors and links) but it's up and live! Yeah baby....

So please come on over and check us out! Register too, and become eligible for our Grand Opening Prize Giveaway!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Look What I WON!!

I soooo totally never win anything, but that was not the case this time!! Over at Noteable I won this great Grand Opening Prize by Fancy Pants! I'm soooo excited, and I can't wait to play with the papers!!

If you haven't had a chance, please go check out her new monthly kits geared towards journaling! Thanks again Shawna for the awesome prize!!


Amy and Sandee-
I promise you that I'm still taking my pictures everyday...just got a little behind here with the posting....between school being out, Jackie being home from school, Shawn being home a lot more, Facebook & Farm Town, and now with the creation of my own scrapbooking website, I've just been a little bit pre-occupied....will get to catching up ASAP!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day #150 - Picture #150 (Saturday)

Hope Mills Lake

Tonight we decided to take Garrett to Hope Mills Lake and let him swim for a bit. Even at 7:00pm it was still pretty hot out, and the lake was still a bit crowded, but Garrett didn't care. He had a blast and even found some friends that he goes to After School Care with to play with...he came out shivering but happy as can be.

Day #149 - Picture #149 (Friday)

Bathtub Toys

So Garrett is at it again....this time, instead of using the bathroom sink, he's using the entire tub! Good thing we rarely use that bathroom! Any hoo, just in a day or so these things have already tripled in size, and are still growing....whatever will they think of next!

Day #148 - Picture #148 (Thursday)

Nintendo DSi

Okay, so Garrett's DS finally broke enough to warrant the purchase of a new one! So he took all his money that he'd saved and did just that, bought himself a new one! The DSi (and don't forget to say the "I")...is completely cool, and for Garrett, very hard to put down.