Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day #147 - Picture #147 (Wednesday)

Doing What I Do Best

....talking on the phone (to my brother Greg tonight) and browsing the internet. Tonight I was at a loss for picture ideas. Not really much going on these days, and as the evening progressed I mentioned to Shawn that I didn't have a picture yet for guess what?? He handled it for me. So picture for today was taken by (looking oh so lovely - NOT!) gabbing away on the phone and online at the same time (probably Farm Town too)! LOL Multi-tasking at it's best I tell ya!

Day #144 - Picture #144 (Sunday)

Garrett Eats Spaghetti

OMG we had spaghetti for dinner tonight and Garrett actually asked to have some. I know not a big deal to most people, but for Garrett it is. He likes plain noodles with margerine. Sometimes we can get him to eat it with a tad bit of sauce (no meat and heaven forbid, no chunks of anything in it)!! But tonight, Jackie and Daniel were over for dinner, and out of the blue Garrett said, "okay I'll have some", and he did and he ate it ALL! Even told Shawn it was good, as Shawn was the cook tonight! Maybe times are a changin' LOL!!

Day #145 - Picture #145 (Monday)

Blanket Fort (According to Garrett)

Today, I think Garrett had every single sheet, blanket, and afghan that we own on the futon playing with them. Said he was making a fort! He probably spent three plus hours playing like this (gave me more Farm Town time LOL), and we just let him be....every once in awhile he'd want one of us to come look at what he had done, but for the most part, he just laid there and played...can't complain though, as we all did it as a child!

Day #146 - Picture #146 (Tuesday)

Stephen Key - Duma Key

Tonight Shawn and I went to the library to get Garrett a few more AR books to last him the remainder of the school year. While we were there, I decided to go ahead and check out a book for me as well. I really miss reading, and after reading Twilight, I realized just how much, so I figured I get a book by an author that I love...and Stephen King it was! Really looking forward to getting started on this one!

Day #143 - Picture #143 (Saturday)

Farm Town

Just in a weeks time, I have quickly become addiced to this game. I mean all day long I'm on Farm Town checking my crops, harvesting and replowing & planting. The sad thing is, now I have Shawn addicted to it as well....and Jackie too! How crazy is that! Hopefully the thrill of it will wear off soon because I have other stuff that I really need to be doing!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kris Allen: Heartless

Okay, so I'm a few days late with this, but stumbled across this video tonight, and it made me smile all over again! Made all of those 1000+ text messages over the past season soooo worth it!
Want more American Idol videos? Click here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Economic Stimulus Plan

Wanna have some fun this June? Well come on over to Live Imagine Create and join in on our Contest!!

“Economic Savings Plan”
Using your Stash to Save Some Green
$ Each week you will be given a list of four "stash" items to use on a layout and patterned paper. Each one of those items is worth one ballot. You DO NOT have to have all four items on the list... just use what you do have. (For example if I say brads, rubons, mesh... and you only have brads, then you would use them and in turn receive one ballot.) If you have none of the items on the list, you can use a "bailout pass", and join in again on the next weeks challenge.

$ If you use all four items plus the patterned paper by the listed manufacturer on the layout you will receive one extra weekly ballot for each week that you do.

$ The “Bailout” Pass - Each player is granted two "Bailout Passes". Which means you can miss up to two of the weekly challenges before you are disqualified. If you do not have the items on the 'Savings Plan' list, or if you've just had a particularly busy week and don't feel you will make the deadline, all you have to do is comment in that weeks challenge thread by Thursday that you are using a Bailout Pass for that week. If you fail to complete a challenge, and you don't post your desire to use a Bailout Pass by Thursday, you will automatically be eliminated.

$ Layouts must be uploaded to the gallery, and then linked back to the appropirate weeks link, by the designated due date. In your title, include which week of the challenge your layout is for. (i.e. "Your Title - challenge week 1"). In the comments area of your upload, include a list of what items you used from the "stash" list. You must also post a link in the weekly thread of your layout with the list of items you used from the “stash” list.

$ Sign Ups are open until May 30th. You must be a registered member of the forum to participate, with a minimum of 20 posts. The contest itself runs from June 1st through the week of June 29th, with challenges being posted every Monday. **Please follow instructions carefully** I will be checking each weekly layout for the items listed, if you are unclear on something, don't hesitate to ask!

$ All ballots will go into a drawing at the end of the contest, and the winning participant will receive a kit of scrapbooking supplies. Winner will be posted on Monday July 6th!

Day #142 - Picture #142 (Friday)

Morning Wood

I realize that some people may find this offensive, but I on the other hand, get a good chuckle out of this t-shirt every single time that Shawn wears much so that sometimes I like to think that he wears it for me....Of course I know he doesn't but still....thought it would be a cute idea to document one of my favorites today - Shawn's T-shirt!

Day #141 - Picture #141 (Thursday)

Lunch with Garrett

Today Shawn and I completely surprised Garrett at school, and had lunch with him! He was so cute when he saw us waiting for him, that he left the line that his class was standing in and ran to me and hugged me....did my heart good I tell you. Friend of choice today was Sidney. Very cute little boy, but also very quiet. The menu today was hot dogs, french fries, fresh strawberries and some type of vegetable mix (broccoli, carrots, & califlower. I have to admit that is wasn't so bad...could've used some salt and margarine with the vegetables though!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day #140 - Picture #140 (Wednesday)

$117.00 and Counting

So Garrett and his dad have this change jar that has finally been filled....over the past several months Richie has told Garrett that when it was full, that the money was his! Well today, they spent the afternoon counting the money and rolling it up....when I left Garrett to come home this evening, they were up to $117.00 and they were still counting....Garretts plan for the $$?? a new Nintendo DS. of course! :)

Day #139 - Picture #139 (Tuesday)


Okay I have to admit that I am a huge Kris Allen fan and have been voting for him since the very beginning, and tonight is no exception. Tonight I will admit that I didn't vote as much as I have in the past (one night it was close to 1,000 text votes between mine and Shawn's phone), but I did indeed vote. Even if he doesn't win tomorrow night, I will forever be a Kris Allen fan! Picture isn't clear, but if you look closely you can see all of the "vote" sent messages! :)

Day #138 - Picture #138 (Monday)


Here lately, Garrett has been sleeping on the futon in the living room, but since we're still typically up watching tv when he goes to bed, we let him go to bed in our bed. He tells me all the time that he misses sleeping with me (he's pretty much slept with me and Richie since birth), but that he understands that he can't now and has to sleep in his own bed....besides, there just isn't room for the three of us! So for tonights picture I took one of Garrett sound asleep before I moved him out to the futon.

Day #137 - Picture #137 (Sunday)

Today was one of those "do nothing" type of days. Everyone was home, it was cold and so very rainy out! We all pretty much spent the entire day either in front of the computer or in front of the tv....this was really just one of those days! Shawn and I played the Wii (bowling) for a bit, and we tried to get Garrett to play, but he wanted to watch tv instead - Zuthura (the movie) I believe it was! So I went in his room to take his picture, and this is what I got....him covered up and not wanting his picture taken....oh well, it's what I got for the day. LOL

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day #136 - Picture #136 (Saturday)

Day #135 - Picture #135 (Friday)

$4.19 Cereal Straws

Day #134 - Picture #134 (Thursday)

Lost my Debit Card

Day #133 - Picture #133 (Wednesday)

Day #132 - Picture #132 (Tuesday)

I Scrapped Today...

I know, about time right? Any hoo, I managed to finish this one! Thanks for looking!

Seven @ 7

Journaling strips read:
1.Movie – Bionicles 3 & Coraline
2.Food – McDonald’s Chicken McNugget’s , Ham & Cheese Pizza, Chic-fil-a, Mandarin Oranges, and Cucumbers
3.Activity – Playing on the Computer / Webkinz,, Cartoon Network, & Nickelodeon
4.Color – Blue & Black
5.TV Shows – Sponge Bob, Blue Clues (still  ), The Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy, and 6Teen
6.Things to Say – WHAT?
7.Game – Gamecube/ Sonic DX on Nintendo DS/Pokemon Diamond

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Watermelon Time...

Thanks to Richie, we all had some watermelon this weekend. It was quite good for our "first one" of the season, and some of us enjoyed it more than others....Some one as in Garrett....he's such a goofball some days, but he does so enjoy his I thought I'd share! LOL!
**click on the pics and see the watermelon juice all over him! What a mess!


So I finally finished the book this weekend (probably the first book in about 2 years that I've read). It took me a little less than two weeks to finish it too, not that I couldn't have sat down and read it in two days, it was more of a lack of time thing, more than anything else. I took that book with me everywhere and squeezed a page or two in wherever I could (and yes, I even took it to the bathroom with me a few times..LOL!). I fried bacon and read it, I watched tv and read it, I even tried reading it in the car (and lord knows that wasn't a wise thing for me to do)...Needless to say, I finally finished it! For me reading it was a “see what the fuss is all about” type thing….Not that I don’t like vampire stories, cuz I do (love Anne Rice), but I was a little late getting on the band wagon with this one…..I actually sat down one day recently and watched Twilight on pay-per-view, and then rewatched it, and then watched it for a third time! I liked it…actually, I liked it a lot….so once I read the book, I had faces to put with the characters, and once I realized the book was almost exactly like the movie, I slowed down with my reading..I didn’t want it to end….so I drug it out for as long as I could possibly stand it! Now I need to take my happy hiney to and get New Moon….looks like it’s gonna be a good one too!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching up...

I guess I really need to not be so slack with this blog, as I swore to myself that I wouldn't let it happen, but here lately with the weather being so absolutely beautiful, we've been spending more time outdoors, and less time inside and in front of the computer! Not to mention Shawn has been off a little more than normal lately so I of course want to spend my time with him....

I will say that my 365 blog is quite current and I'm quite proud of myself! Woo Hoo!

Day #131 - Picture #131 (Monday)

Playing Cards

Ever since our trip to Pennsylvania last month, Shawn and I have been playing cards again. We used to play together quite often, but due to his crazy work schedule, lots of our "fun things to do" things were kinda shoved to the back burner. Here recently though, we've been making an effort to do some of those things again...As for the games themselves, I'm only really confident enough to play Rummy and 31. Tonight we played both, and I pretty much kicked butt tonight....hence, my picture for the day! I won for a change! LOL

Day #130 - Picture #130 (Sunday)

Mother's Day

Today was another beautiful day weather wise for us, and we spent it together. Of course we took Garrett to the funeral home to ride his scooter (that's pretty much a given when he's home), and then we all had some watermelon (thanks Richie)....I took some really good pictures of Garrett with the watermelon too! Can't wait to scrap those!
Then we met Jackie and Daniel for dinner at Golden Corral. I think it probably took us an hour just to decide where to go....but finally we decided and dinner was had by all! Afterwards, Shawn took a couple of pictures of me and my beautiful children! Today was truly a very Happy Mother's Day, and I am truly blessed to have my family! I am happy, and everything is right with the world...

Day #129 - Picture #129 (Saturday)

Hope Mills Lake

Today was such an absolutely beautiful day....and not my weekend with Garrett, but since it is Mother's Day weekend, Richie brought him home to me at 6:00 tonight. Then we went to Hope Mills Lake. Usually I take Garrett to the funeral home to ride his bike and scooter, but today I thought it would be nice to go somewhere different. Garrett spent about an hour riding his scooter up and down the bike path while Shawn and I just walked around and took pictures of the new completed Dam at the lake. When Garrett was finished riding the scooter, I let him take his shoes off and walk around in the lake for a few minutes, and then took him to Big T's to buy a snow cone! It really was nice to go somewhere different and have "good" quality time with the men in my life!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Day #128 - Picture #128 (Friday)

Lunch with Garrett – Plan B

Today Shawn and I had made plans to have lunch with Garrett. I stopped by McDonald’s to get him a Happy Meal, went to the apartment and picked up Shawn, and then we headed to the school. We went to the office and checked in, and then walked to Garrett’s classroom. So far, so good, right? WRONG!
When we get to his class, it’s dark in there, and they don’t even look like they’re getting ready for lunch, and Shawn and I got there right about on time….so we waited outside a few minutes, and then Garrett saw me and came outside practically crying. Apparently they were getting ready to leave on a field trip (completely slipped my mind), and had taken lunch a hour earlier than normal…so Garrett was upset that he missed lunch with me. Ms. Pownall apologized as Garrett did tell her that I was coming, but she got sidetracked and forgot to call me and tell me about the change in time. So Shawn and I are there with food, and Garrett is crying at this point (not boo –hooing, but sad crying), and wants to have lunch with me. And of course, I’m on my lunch hour, and I can’t go on the field trip with him, and even if we had wanted to go, there were no extra tickets to be had. Besides, Garrett didn’t even want to go see Swan Lake, and his class was leaving right THEN! So, what’s a mom to do? That’s right, take him home and have lunch with him there…..luckily Shawn was off today and could watch him when I went back to work. Everyone was now happy, and to quote Garrett “Happy Meals make me Happy! That’s what he told me, and that made me happy!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day #127 - Picture #127 (Thursday)

Dinner at Zaxby's

After going to the library tonight, we went to Zaxby's for dinner, per Garrett's request. My choice tonight was the grilled chicken zalad! OMG I haven't had one of these in so long, and this particular one was soooo good tonight! Made it almost worth the $6.00 that I paid for it! Did I mention that it was "THAT" good? LOL.

Day #126 - Picture #126 (Wednesday)

Shawn Scrapping with Me!!

There was a time several months ago when I convinced Shawn to scrapbook with me (but it was short lived due to his busy work schedule).... Here lately he's heard me numerous times complaining about wanting to scrapbook, but never actually doing it (mostly lack of the creative mojo). Well tonight, with his participation, we both actually sat down for about an hour to scrap. It was really good for me to sit down and accomplish something "scrap" related for a change, and have great company at the same time. I had forgotten how fun it was to have someone to scrap with...hopefully we'll get another chance again soon to finish those layouts that we started!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day #125 - Picture #125 (Tuesday)

116 Pictures

As if I don't have enough pictures at home developed already, I decided that I didn't have any that I wanted to "scrap", so I had 116 more pictures printed at Wally World today. No excuses now not to scrap, but knowing me, I'm sure I'll come up with some....Now to find my "creative mojo"!! LOL

Day #124 - Picture #124 (Monday) *gotta watch the video!

Tricks Garrett's new thing when we take him down to the funeral home parking lot to ride his bike & his scooter is to do "tricks". That's what he calls them...."tricks" LOL. You have to ride your scooter as fast as you can and run straight into the curb and crash! Some "trick", but still very cute none the less! Wonder how many more "tricks" he's gonna come up with!

Monday, May 4, 2009

South of the Border

Okay,so Saturday was National Scrapbook Day, and I didn't get anthing done. I opted to take Garrett (and Shawn) to the South of the Border instead. We've passed the place numerous times over the years on our way to the beach, or to just get gas, but never to just stop and look around, and take in the attractions of "Pedroland". Well, today we stopped, shopped, and even had lunch at one of the hot dog places! And OMG the pictures I took of Garrett with every brightly painted animal statue that you can imagine! He had soooo much fun!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day #123 - Picture #123 (Sunday)

North Carolina Zoological Park

Today we headed off to the zoo in Asheboro, just a little less than two hours away, and so well worth the drive. Garrett had a good time and the weather was extremely pleasant. Very nice day out, a little over cast and not to terribly hot!! And I think the only time I said "tram" was when it was time to actually ride it! Of course with Garrett, as long as he saw the monkeys, the alligators, the polar bears, and the penguins he was just fine....everything else was just extra! Fun was definitely had by all today.

Day #122 - Picture #122 (Saturday)

South of the Border

Today I decided to take Garrett to the South of the Border (Interstate I-95 on the NC-SC Stateline). We've passed this place numerous times over the years on our way to Florida, or to Myrtle Beach, but have never really stopped other than to use the bathroom or get gas. Today I decided to change that. Shawn and I took Garrett up in the sombrero tower (165 ft high), Garrett was a little fearful at first but then was extremely excited and loved looking down at the world....we had had dogs at the diner, we took pictures of Garrett with just about every single statue of an animal that there was, and even let him ride some of the rides that were open for the season....we all had a blast, and even though South of the Border is such a "cheesy" place, Garrett had fun, and to me, that's all that mattered!