Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day #56 - Picture #56

My New Clock

I’ve wanted a clock for the wall ever since Garrett and I first moved into the apartment in December of 2007. Up until this point, I just haven’t found one that I really liked, that wasn’t too big, or that I could afford. Geez they can be expensive!! Well, this past Friday night, after my incident at AT&T, we met our friends at Target! Well I found this clock and fell in love with it immediately! And best of all, it was quite affordable!! So I bought it!! Now five days later, it’s still leaning up against the wall on the floor…I know where I want to hang it, it’s just that I can’t do it myself, and with Shawn working all day long until after ten every night this week, I hate to ask him to help me put it up….hopefully this Friday will be the day as he’s off for most of the day…..*please overlook the Nerf dart bullet on the floor.

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