Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day #55 - Picture #55

Missing my Mom

It's hard to believe that this April my mom will have been gone six years....she chose to be cremated when she passed. No one really knows for sure why, but we all assume it was due to financial reasons. Anyways, this April my Dad will have been gone for two years. Up until my Dad passed away, he held onto her ashes. When he passed away, he was cremated as well. He wouldn't let any of us have her ashes or split her up in any way. He said she belonged with him. There are several different stories on where she wanted to go, but no one was willing to put up much of a fight. I do know that she died in Florida, and wanted to come home. For her, home was North Carolina, where we were from, and where she grew up, and so forth. But like I said, my Dad wasn't budging. He knew and agreed that when he passed we could seperate their ashes. I opted for just getting some of my Mom's while, my little brother Ike (long story on him), who was still in the home, got a small mixture of both in a heart trinket like mine. The remaining ashes were put side by side in really nice urns, to be buried at some point. But my brother Greg, or any of my other siblings aren't ready to do that just yet. I received my ashes in the mail in April of 2007, and up until tonight they have sat in the box that they came in in my closet. I've been meaning to get them out and put them on the bookcase for a really long time now, but haven't really been able to do it....tonight I was!! I just had this need to talk to my Mom, just one last time, and to be near her....and this is my way! I still remember her last words to me...."I Love You" and "Take Care of My Babies"....Gosh I miss her!

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