Sunday, February 1, 2009

And another layout I'd like to share...

with you. It's called Webkinz Love.

Journaling reads:

In the span of one month's time, you’ve acquired ten Webkinz, all courtesy of Mommy. Am I crazy for buying them – maybe, but they were all for a good reason – Christmas, bribery, and just because. Because I love you that is!!

And then I listed the 10 Webkinz, and what he named them.

1. Bullfrog named “froggy”
2. Chicken named “g-man”
3. Clown Fish named “bubbles”
4. Cocoa Dinosaur named “garrett”
5. Emperor Dragon named “flame thrower”
6. Orca Whale named “good boy”
7. Rhino named “tammy”
8. Blue Trigger Fish named “spot”
9. Purple Goldfish named “gliters”
10. Fantail Goldfish named “goldy”

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Amy said...

I already commented on this LO at ASF.....LOVE it!! So instead I have a silly question for you.......tell me why your blog is called Strawberries & Peppermints. ;-) Curious minds, KWIM.