Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day #52 - Picture #52

My New Phone

Okay so I finally caved and upgraded my phone yesterday...I can't really say that I needed to upgrade, but I kinda wanted too especially since mine was getting kinda loose when you open it up. It worked fine and everything, but still...Garrett and I went to AT&T yesterday evening. I looked at several different phone, many nice, nice ones too! I even had my hands on the Iphone (thanks Jackie), and even the Vue, but just could not justify the $$ or the need. So I opted for my original choice, and that was the LG Shine. So everything went fine. I had my phone picked out, and was sitting with a customer rep within fifteen minutes flat. I chose the red Shine, but as he was ringing it up and transferring my contacts I kept contemplating the black....but I stuck to the red. Paid for my phone, got a quick lesson on how to use it, and was probably out of there within thirty minutes. As I was leaving, Garrett and I walked a few stores down to AC Moore, and then called Gnell. Told her that I was on my way to Target to meet I was pulling out of the parking lot, I happened to look down at my phone and noticed a "FATAL ERROR" message on my phone. I was like OMG!! I hadn't even left the parking lot of the shopping I of course turned around, parked again, and went back into AT&T....apparently they had never seen that error either! All of my phone numbers were in that phone!! I can't say that I even have any numbers memorized I couldn't call anyone to tell them what was going on...all I could do was wait....and wait. This time the wait was longer than before, as it was Friday night, and I had to wait for my representative to finish with his current they basically just said that I must have gotten a lemon, apologized numerous times, and gave me a new phone.....this time I opted for the black one!! So right now, all I can say is that I'm in love! Love it!

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