Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day #49 - Picture #49

View From My Window at Work

For the past couple of days I’ve noticed the daffodils sprouting up all over the place at work. As I sat here this morning looking outside I thought how beautiful they were….gives one true hope that Spring really is coming! It’s 46 degrees right now and raining pretty heavily….but the flowers just seem to stand there and refuse to let the weather affect them…..and I guess, I should do the same today!! I’m not feeling really well and the raining dreary weather outside doesn’t seem to help matters…I really am looking forward to the warmer weather, more daylight in the afternoon, and just watching everything come to life again the way only Spring can do it! Here’s hoping it’s warmer where you are!

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MichelleStrachan said...

OMG, Tammy! Have you not missed a day??? You are soooo good! I have been trying to do 365, but missed the first two weeks in February! Oops! Will have to journal about them! Great project blog, Girl! :D