Friday, February 27, 2009

Lunch with Garrett

Shawn and I went and had lunch with Garrett today. I was going to go last Friday for his birthday, but since he was still sick, he didn't go to school. Luckily Shawn was off this morning and he could go with us!! Apparently right before we got there, Garrett had accidentally stuck himself in the eye with his pencil, so the area all around the outside of his eye is all red….but he seems fine now….thank goodness. That could have wound up ugly!! We walked to the lunchroom with Garrett and his class, and then actually went through the lunch line with him….wow!! I haven’t been through a school lunch line in many, many years! One of the “cool” things is that if your parents come to have lunch with you, you get to pick two of your classmates to sit with you, and of course everybody wanted to sit with us, but he finally picked two of his friends – Tyr’Ronn and Joe. The two boys were completely adorable and loud. I’m not even sure when they had time with all of the talking to even eat! I do know that when it was time to go, there was still tons of food left on their plates….kinda feel bad about that….I know they should have eaten, but they were just so talkative and excited. Garrett was happy!! He hugged me several times, and thanked me for coming!! Made my day.

After lunch was over, we walked Garrett back to class. Luckily for us that we had chosen today to have lunch with him! Ms. Pownall has been trying to get Garrett to do his Black History Month presentation in front of the class, but he’s just been a tad bit afraid to do it....well with me there, I gave him that extra boost of confidence. I stood beside him while he read his report, and slowing inched my way away from him. When he was finished reading his report, he wanted to read the backs of his cards, I told him that he didn't have too, but he said he WANTED to, so I let him finish his presentation. He did a really good job with the whole thing and I'm very thankful that I could be there while he presented it to his class!

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Amy said...

How cool that you got to be there....for lunch AND his report! The pictures are so cute!!