Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wow what a day this has turned out to be...

Shawn and I got up this morning, did our usually stuff, and then he made breakfast (pankcakes Jackie) for us both. We spent the day together pretty much lounging until time for him to go to work....Very nice to get some time with him. Seems like he's always at work lately. Working is a good thing I know, as he went for so long without a job, and the fact that there are so many people out there now without one. But I will say, selfishly though, I liked him here with me all the time, and now that he's not, I'm having a difficult time adjusting, and trying to figure out what to do with myself....I had all these big plans for some decorating, maybe some scrapping, going to visit my friends, and the list went on. Well lazy butt me did none of the above. I laid in bed all day today....literally I did. I think I have watched about four lifetime movies today...and cried throughout each. At nine I finally forced myself to cut the tv off before the next movie started....and to make my "goodnight call" to my son.

I called Garrett (it's his dad's weekend) and was saddened to hear him crying on the phone. I knew his dad was taking him to the Fort Fisher Aquarium today, so I started asking all kinds of questions about that. He said he had a really, really bad time. That he had been to that aquarium many times before (and he has), and that he was just really bored today. He said that they didn't even get to go and feed the sea gulls. My heart hurt for him. He said his dad was mad at him and was making him clean his room. **trust me, it does need cleaned. I told him to let me talk to his dad. Apparently Garrett wasn't crying he said. He said Garrett was pouting. He claims that "Garrett showed his ass" all day, from the time that they left until they got he was a bit frustrated. I understand that, but I have always had more patience, and I could tell that he really got to his dad today. The good news is that I talked to Garrett tonight for longer than his typical two minutes (the boy is not a phone person)...we talked about our plans for the week, and our upcoming weekend together....not to mention Jackie coming home next weekend too! So he was okay when we hung up, and I felt much better. Plus the extra bonus of his dad bringing him home an hour early tomorrow is nice!

Jackie called me tonight too. Gosh I miss her. Sometimes I really wish I could go back and do a do-over with her. There are so many things as her mother that I would change, or do differently. I am very proud of her. I hope she knows that....she's got exams all week, and she is really, really stressing!! Jackie honey, I know you read this, so just know that your Mommy is sending you lots and lots of hugs!! Good luck this week little butt!! See you this coming weekend!

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