Thursday, December 11, 2008

Complete Frustration

So yesterday, I pick Garrett up from daycare, and Mrs. Sharon the director tells me that she needs to talk to me. I so dread those words, as we’ve had a history with Garrett and behavior issues, and I seem to be the parent that is always getting the “talks”. Apparently yesterday Garrett decided that he wanted to block the bus aisle (the daycare picks them up from school and transports them to the daycare), so no children could get past him to sit down, or get past him to get off. He just flat out wouldn’t listen to them when they told him to move. They even physically moved his legs and he immediately put them back. He then slid down the seat to the floor. Just basically showed his butt. Not surprised, as he does this a lot, and really doesn’t suffer too much repercussion for his behavior. I’m still struggling with being the bad parent. No parent wants that title, but I fill like I’m the only disciplinary parent he has. Of course Shawn helps to some degree, but since we’re not married yet, and Garrett does have an active father in his life, he tries to stay out of it and let us handle it. But honestly the punishment and discipline at my house, never seem to carry over into his time with his dad, so I feel like I’m loosing this battle.

Garrett basically said that he wanted to be expelled from Luv Bugs (the daycare). Flat out told Mrs. Sharon that. Thank goodness she’s not the type to call a parent every time there is a difficult situation with him, because that’s what he’s used too. I used to be called for the least little thing, and since it was a private school, they made no bones about letting me know that Garrett didn’t have to be there, and that they could kick him out at any time. But with these phone calls, also came the “come get him” line. There was no option. Take him home…, he was bad at school, and got to go home. Just what he wanted….

Yesterday, he was hoping for the same. He knew Shawn was off, and was hoping for some time with him. Grant you, Shawn typically does get him early from daycare if he’s home, but with him working so much lately he rarely has any time, and yesterday, he ran so many errands that time just got away from him. So he wasn’t able to get Garrett. Garrett also told Mrs. Sharon that he was bored at Luv Bugs, but couldn’t tell her why. She asked him what he’d do elsewhere, and he couldn’t tell her that either. Thankfully she told him that she would pass the message on to me, but just because he didn’t want to be there, didn’t me that he wouldn’t be there. That he was there for a reason - his parents had to work. He of course had an answer for that. Said that either Shawn, I, or Richie could take him to work with us as we’ve done it in the past. And if we couldn’t then his sissy was gonna come home from college this weekend and she could watch him. But of course, with that being said, Mrs. Sharon also said that even though Jackie is coming home for Christmas, she still has to go back to school…and then what? After our talk was over, she showed me Garrett sitting in the game room, “having fun”. He and two other boys were playing a board game. Funny thing is, this daycare is soooo crowded. Every child wants to go there. There are 15 plus computers, game systems, playground, tv’s, arts & crafts, and games, all to be used while you’re there, whenever you want. It’s fun there, yet he’s bored. Go figure.

Last night once again was his dad’s night, so I had to tell him what had just happened. He wasn’t happy. Apparently with Garrett showing his butt this weekend, and now this, I think he’s getting to the point where enough is enough. *more on the school issues we’re having too later. But before I left him last night, his dad and I both had a talk with him and his dad pretty much told him the life was gonna be hell for him if he didn’t straighten up and behave. And with that I figured it would be enough, because like I said, Richie never really takes much interest in discipline or Garrett’s behavior issues. So I have to admit I was impressed with him for taking charge…..

…but about an hour ago, Garrett’s teacher calls me from the classroom and tells me that she’s having issues with Garrett today. That he refused to do any of his work, so he was unable to attend centers today. She left him in the classroom with his work to complete, but when she came back, the papers had disappeared and he acted like he didn’t know what happened to them. So of course I had to talk to him. Not sure if it did any good or not yet. I through a few threats in there, hoping something would make him realize that school is not a joke and that doing your work is not an option. Of course I’m also wondering if he’s not testing Richie. He tests me all the time, but last night, Richie is the one who put the threat of punishment out there….maybe he’s trying to see if he’ll follow through with it….who knows at this point. I would just love some answers…..

Good thing is that from tonight until next Tuesday night, he’s with me so maybe in the meantime I can talk some sense into the boys head….cross your fingers for me….wonder if Garrett is on Santa’s Nice list still…..think at this point it could go either way….


Juliet Diley said...

Hey girl! Praying for you guys!

Penny said...

hope things are better! sending prayers your way.