Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Concert tonight!

Tonight was Garrett's Christmas Concert at school. Not really sure where to begin with this one. The lunchroom was completely full, literally. It was standing room only and hotter than blazes. I know it had to have been 75+ degrees in there easily. For the most part it was very entertaining. Really had to see anything as it was soooo crowded, and you just couldn't get close enough to take any pictures. I had a parent take some for me, and he said he'd email them to me. Hopefully they'll come out decent. I took a few myself, but need to edit them a bit to see if they can be used at all. My ex-husband showed up. But realized that 1. Shawn was with me (yeah! he was able to get off early), 2. It was SOOOO crowded, and 3. the heat was overwhelming, so he decided to leave. I on the other hand realize that this is all a part of parenting and was happy to be there....especially when Garrett came out on stage. We immediately saw him, but it took him a few minutes to find us. Once he did though, it was all smiles, and that made it soooo worth it! Afterwards, we signed him out from his classroom (to make sure each child got home safely) *mentioning this as this was a first for us, but it is a new school for us as well, and then took him to his dad's house, as tonight, once again is his night. *insert pouty face here.

Anywoo, here's the one picture that we were able to take before we left this evening....all the rest of them he wanted to act all goofy (which is typical) in.

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tommy tommy said...

Hey Tammy glad things are good.
I remember those concert days and yep it was hot in our Gym. Standing room only. Be glad of that because alot of schools are doing away with music/arts programs because they aren't money makers. Sports has taken over.

have a great day woman