Monday, December 22, 2008

365 Ten Minute Solutions to Improve your Life

I just read this today and I was like "WOW" when I read it....gonna research the source now, as it looks like something that I may be interested in reading. Just thought I'd share.

It can be overwhelmimg to consider all the sadness and cruelty in this world.
In these moments, try to remember that someone who is overwhelmed by pain can accomplish very little. Instead, feeling warmth and joyfulness inside is the only energy that can bring about positive change. Hold onto your joyfulness not to be happy in a foolish way , but to offer gentle love to everyone you meet.

Plant a different rose bush in your garden for each family member. Roses traditionally mean love. When you tend to the needs of your rose bushes, you'll be reminded to tend to the needs of your family. Even if you and your family are separated by disagreement (work on forgiving and being forgiven to end the disagreement), the rose bush (symbolized by it beautiful flowers and thorns that sometimes draw blood) is a wonderful way to connect with your roots and foster a loving heart. No need to allow thorns to detract from the beauty of the blossoms.

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