Friday, December 26, 2008

Recap of Christmas Eve

Where to begin...

Wednesday after work, I went home and did a few last minute things (mostly cleaned up, wrapped a few things, and put groceries away) before leaving to meet Shawn at the mall. His ex-wife and son were already there. She was bringing him down to spend Christmas with us. Jackie and Garrett were both with Richie at his moms house doing her annual Christmas get together.

So the four of us all went to Applebee's for dinner. One of the few restaurants still open later than six on Christmas Eve. We had a really nice dinner, and hung out for a bit. Shawns Ex and their son then followed us home. She had brought all of Tylers Christmas gifts with her, and he opened them here while she was here, so she could be a part of his Christmas as well. Garrett got home a little after eight and saw Tyler opening his gifts, so I let him open one of his. I knew it was something that he wanted, so I made sure that that was the gift that I gave him. Camera was ready and everything, but he was soooo excited that he started jumping around and dancing that the pictures that I took of him are pretty much a complete sitting still for him. Once he got his new DS game, he was pretty much good to go for awhile.

Of course we did track Santa several times during the evening, and Shawn even sat down with Garrett and showed him a video online as to how they actually did the tracking. Garrett may be doubting this year, but the video that Shawn was showing him had him completely glued to the screen, and all of his attention was focused on tracking Santa, especially once he hit the United States.

When Jackie got home, I convinced the three of them to let me take pictures of them....and this is where it got ugly. Garrett just decided to start pouting and refused to cooperate because he knew I had said that once we took pictures, then he was going to bed, and quite honestly there was still just a little bit too much going on for him at the time to settle down and go to sleep.
Here are a few of the pictures that came out for me. Not the greatest, but we make do right?

I kinda lost my temper a bit, and just told Garrett to go ahead and just go to bed. He was whiny and uncooperative, and I just didn't know what to do, plus it was really way (seriously way) past his bedtime anyways....

I then went in there to talk to him and to tuck him in (with camera in hand). I had told him earlier that as bad as he has been lately and with his behavior that night that I'd be really surprised if Santa even stopped here at all anyways....the video from my previous post was part of our conversation before the actual tucking in. Still think it's really cute because he was genuinely worried. But Santa DID make an appearance and all is well.

After about 5 minutes or so I went back into his room to check on him and he was out cold. Literally. Blankets on the floor, and turned backwards in the bed, but out none the less!

After we were all 100% sure that he was asleep and out for the night..keeping in mind that he sleepwalks, we did the Santa thing. Jackie and I did the setting up, and Tyler and Shawn put the Nerf Gun (the one thing he insisted Santa bring him) together. I will have to admit that the gun is really, really cool!! Of course I didn't realize that it needed batteries, and I'm really usually really good about that, so I'm gonna have to get some....

After the Santa thing was done, I poured out the milk, had Tyler and Jackie eat some cookies, and then took a few pictures....everyone said goodnight, and off to bed we all went....

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