Friday, December 5, 2008

I knew this DAY would come....but not so soon!

Well as most of you know, Richie and I have joint custody of Garrett, and every Tuesday and Wednesday night he is with his dad. Well when Garrett came home last night I showed him the new layout I had done of him and his first loose tooth, and just out of nowhere he says, “Mom I lost another tooth today”. I got all excited. I was like where is it? How did it happen? And what not. What was the most exciting factor for me is the fact that this is his eighth tooth. All the other teeth that he has lost, he’s lost when he was with his dad, and his dad got to be the tooth fairy. This time, I got to be her. Go Mommy! Go Mommy!

Well everything went as planned with Garrett going to bed with his tooth. I played tooth fairy around 12:30 or so, right before I went to bed. He got up on his own this morning and came into my room. I was already up and getting ready for work. I asked him how he had slept and such and he said okay and crawled up in bed with Shawn….typical morning thing….to get as much sleep as he possibly can before I drag him out of bed.

He sat up really quickly when he remembered (on his own) that the tooth fairy should have come. He ran to his room (with me following right behind with the camera) and started looking for $$. He found five one dollar bills. As he was counting his money he was smiling….and just said that that was his typical. Is it me or am I the only one that got either a quarter or fifty cents for my teeth when I was little?

As he was rolling around on his bed he looked at me and flat out said, “you are the tooth fairy mom, aren’t you”? And I looked at him in shock. I really figured that this would be the last year that he believed in Santa, but the tooth fairy thing never even occurred to me. I responded with, “Okay Garrett, if I’m the tooth fairy, then how did I get the money to you when you were at your Dad’s house all the other times”? He thought on that a moment and then said….”then our parents are the tooth fairies”. Then I said, “why would you think that then”? In response he told me that he had a friend at school named John that told him that when he had lost a tooth, he had seen his mother put money under his pillow. So of course, John being like most other children, had to share this with my son. I never really denied his accusation, but I didn’t admit to it either….I just changed the subject. I practically had to beg him to let me take a picture, and this is what I got. His eyes are closed because I turned the lights on and he complained (like every morning) about the lights….can’t wait to scrap this picture. His girlfriend is really gonna love me one day!

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Babydoll said...

OK, so I only got a quarter when I lost a tooth!! Wow, kids have it great now. LOL!!