Sunday, December 21, 2008

Four Days til Christmas!

I must be a glutton for punishment or something....I went shopping last night with Jackie until well after 10 o'clock and then went out again today...and let me say OMG the crowds were awful, traffic was bad, I think people must have literally forgotten how to drive....we went to Target today (had the pleasure of having both my kids with me), and bought a few things. Grabbed the "Fa la la" kit from Making Memories while I was there as well as some really cute, cute pajamas for Garrett....he of course is already wearing them...didn't even make it to the washing machine first. And a Pokemon movie....which is playing right now too....which is why I'm able to sit here peacefully and type this. LOL! Sad thing is, I wasn't able to get what I needed as I had Garrett with me, and then the other things I needed I wound up forgetting....Boy did I get sidetracked today....Then to the mall to see Shawn again, I've literally been to the mall in the last week more than I probably have been the whole year. But if that's what it takes to see Shawn for a few minutes, then that's what I have to do...hopefully his hours will be "normal" once the holiday season is over. Crossing my fingers, and my toes. *wink! *wink! Now I'm about to sit down and try and finish a layout that I started yesterday...wish me luck!

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