Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday the 27th of December

Today Shawn had to be at work by quarter til seven. OUCH!! Glad it was him and not me, he!he!...he's still there now. Poor Guy!! Gotta love the mans dedication to his job!!

Garrett and I ventured out for a bit today. I had promised him that we would go to the Game Stop and let him use his $25 gift card. Boy did I get suckered. We got there and they had a great sale, buy 2 used games and get one for free. Well, the $25 barely covered the first game, much less the second, and he did ask for certain Pokeman' games for Christmas, which I didn't get because I couldn't remember what they of course he found them both there, and had to have I caved....and hey, why not right?? So we wound up with three Pokeman' games and about a twenty five minute wait in line, but hey, he's happy and in his bedroom right now, laying in bed playing one of those new DS games. So high five for mommy, cuz I did good!! :)

Then we ran into AC Moore. I didn't really need anything, but it was nice to just walk around and see what they had. Nothing I needed other than an bathroom, and my bladder was quite thankful!! I did wind up buying some more Bazzill "Just the Edge" Cardstock Strips, and some more fish stickers for Garrett.

Then to Taco Bell for lunch. Not really my favorite place to go, but it was right there and Garrett will eat something there. It was really nice to spend some time with him too!!

Then off to PetSmart to pick out some more fish for his fish tank! We wound up getting some really cute schooling fish, can't remember what they are called, but regardless, they're small and Garrett is happy....

Wanted to get some batteries too while we were out, but it started raining and I just completely forgot. Garrett just reminded me a few minutes ago about the batteries, *hence the post about forgetting them. Shame on me. Maybe I'll venture out again later, as we need some milk too!

Shawn should be home soon, and we're having leftovers, and are gonna spend some much needed family time together this evening. We'll probably play one or two of the new games that we got for Christmas! Going to have FUN! Can't wait!!

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