Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday already??

Wow, can't believe how quickly time is flying by right now....of course I see that as being a good thing as well as a bad thing....still so much to do though before Christmas, but plan on handling that today. *gotta get those Christmas cards in the mail too....talk about dragging ass!

The weekend is a blur to me at the moment. I know Saturday Garrett and I were busy with shopping, making cookies, decorating the tree and such. By Sunday, my cough was so bad that I pretty much drugged myself all day and wound up not doing much of anything but laying around under a blanket trying to stay warm, and napping off and on throughout the day.

Yesterday, I felt much better. Had to go to work, but that's nothing out of the norm. After work, Garrett and I went on a mission. I went looking for a tree topper at Hobby Lobby and he went for "fish" stickers. *his new obsession (fish that is). One a side note here, I did go down every scrapbook isle in Hobby Lobby and nothing jumped right out at me, NOTHING! I'm taking that as a good thing. Makes my goal of using what I have before I buy anything else a little easier to stick too...

After Hobby Lobby, Garrett and I went across the street to the mall. I promised him on Saturday that I'd take him to Chick-fil-a, so I had to honor that promise. We saw Shawn briefly while we were there, and then I let him ride the carousel, then we headed home. That's a first for me....going to the mall, and not buying anything....Go Tammy!

When I got home, I took it upon myself to try and put my Santa topper on the tree, but it's sooo tall, and I'm sooo short, and I wound up almost knocking our tree over. That awesome man of mine will be taking care of that for me today on his day off! Thanks babe!

After work today, Shawn and I are going to finally go and do some of our Christmas shopping, the bulk of it anyways....definitely looking forward to that, and having him home for a change....

Garrett is out of school now for three weeks, he has a three week intercession due to the fact that he goes to year round school. His Grandmother will be picking him up from daycare sometime this morning to take him on his yearly Christmas Shopping trip...hopefully he'll behave for her and fun will be had by all! Fingers and toes crossed! LOL!

Jackie honey, you need to call your mommy!! I need ideas! ASAP! Really, I do. See you this afternoon....Remember to come sign the Christmas Cards!

**picture taken with my cell phone

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