Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas's finally here!

Well, I'm finally finished with the shopping....still have a tad bit of wrapping to do but that's okay because Garrett won't be home until later this evening and I can try to squeeze some wrapping in when I go home for lunch. Not to mention, I still have to clean out his fish tank and get the water ready for fish. I was really glad that Jackie held on to his Sponge Bob fish tank for me as he’s been pushing for some fish at my house for some time now. And who am I not to give the boy what he wants right? LOL. Thanks Jackie for making the trip for me yesterday.

As for me, I’m here at work until five today. And then I need to run to the grocery store (if they’re still open) to get a few things. I was planning on having ham tomorrow, and with that cole slaw from one of the local restaurants that we love, but when I called today to see how late they were open, they said they were already closed…so there goes that plan. Now I can make my own potato salad, and baked beans, but I really wanted slaw from Bruce and Mickey’s. Not to mention, not really sure how to make it myself. Wonder how late KFC is open today?? Huuummmm.

Tonight, my Ex-MIL will have her traditional Christmas get together. She typically has all the family over and they have Christmas dinner and every one opens their gifts, and takes them when they leave. Garrett and Jackie will be attending this with Richie, and then both of my kids will be home tonight. In the divorce settlement, he agreed to let me have Garrett every Christmas Eve night, so he’ll always wake up with me on Christmas morning. I like that. Plus that’s why playing Santa is so important to me. And with him being the doubting kid already this year, this will probably be the last one that he believes in Santa. *He was so cute the other night when I tucked him in too, he said that he didn’t think he believed in Santa anymore because he had never seen him. So I asked him what he would do if he actually did SEE Santa, and he said that he would talk to him…of course I had an immediate answer to that one….I said that every child in the world would do the same thing, and Santa just didn’t have the time to sit and talk to every single child, and still get everything done in one night….that he’d never finish, and that’s why he just arrives, does what he needs to do, and moves on to the next house. He seemed to buy it for the moment.

Shawn’s son Tyler will be arriving sometime this evening to spend Christmas with us as well. I’m looking forward to seeing him. He hasn’t been down to stay with us since Halloween. He’s got a busy sports schedule, and with Thanksgiving, and Shawn working every single weekend these days, it’s been really hard to plan a visit. But luckily we’ll see him for a few days now, and I know it’ll do Shawn some good to spend some time with him…

Tonight will be total chaos and I’m actually looking forward to it….pictures to be taken, cookies to be made and laid out for Santa, and just much needed family time at my house. Dinner is still up in the air. Shawn wants to take us all to dinner, but he won’t get off until six tonight, and I’m not sure when Garrett will be home (he’ll already be fed though), and at this point, I have no idea who’s even going to be open that late…so I’m thinking if worse comes to worse, we can all have hot dogs and tater tots per his sons request…

Of course, there’s still hope that we’ll close early today and I can get a start on everything that still needs to be done today….wish me luck.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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