Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday already?

I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday already. I have to go back to work, boo hoo, I know, and Little Man has to go back to school. Not really looking forward to it, but I guess it's the way it goes, and life does continue to move forward.

I went and spent some time with my friend Gnell today. We played with our Cricuts for awhile, and then just hung out abit....I watched her try and go through her scrapbooking stuff today too, she's really trying to get her stuff set up again so she can scrap again as well....Gnell best of luck to you, and I'll be more than happy to help you again whenever I can. You know I love ya! :)

Jackie and Daniel will be coming over for dinner this evening. I'm really looking forward to that. I haven't really been able to spend much time with her since she's been home on Christmas break do to her working, and prior obligations (bowl game), and such...So it'll be nice to have them here. Maybe I can convince her to let me take some pictures...

I did receive a phone call today from my brother Gregs ex-wife/current girlfriend (not really sure what to call her) today. She told me that my brother was on his way here from Tennessee to get his stuff. When he and Ike moved, they put their stuff in my storage building until they could get it at a later date....guess today would be that later date. Unfortuantely it's gonna be rainy and dark (it already is) when he gets here....and at this point still not really sure when that'll be.

Richie brought G home about an hour ago...he's already hibernated into his room playing with his toys and watching tv. His Dad took his computer with him to look at it, so I'm sure he'll be wanting to use mine anytime now...

Yesterday was a pretty much a laid back day....went to the mall to do some shopping, wound up leaving there with two new Webkinz for Garrett and nothing else. I did get to see Shawn while I was there, and that's always a good thing....then went to the scrapbook store, and bought a few things, then home to continue going through my stuff, and scrapping a page. *see previous post. Go Tammy! Hopefully I'll get another page patially finished before the night is's hoping anyways.

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