Friday, January 30, 2009

Day #29 - Picture #29


It has been such a struggle this school year to get Garrett to do any form of writing. I mean it gets to the point sometimes that I yell, take toys away from him, and just flat out get mad at him. He’ll do his math and other worksheets, but anything involving sentences just isn’t going to happen without an ugly struggle. I just can’t really emphasize the struggle that we go through, but (*knock on wood) last week that all changed with the voice mail on my cell phone that I’ve already shared with you. Well, today Garrett came home with two new stories that he had written this week in his school folder. Both were marked with things like “Wow”. “Great job Garrett”, “Glad to see you writing”, “Very informative” and well, you get the picture. I was sooo proud!! He even turned down Family Game Night tonight because he wanted to write another story. OMG I tell you – good thing I was sitting down. I actually called his teacher and discussed this new change in him. She was so excited too! When it was all said and done, he had written two more stories before bedtime, stories that he didn’t have to write mind you! He wrote them just because he “wanted to” he said. Wow! Wow! Wow!


Sandee said...

Tammy, there is a cool website where you can make a book out of his story! He can draw his own pictures to go with it. I'll try and get the link from my daughters and send it to you. Who knows, you may have a future author in your midst!

Amy said...

That is so awesome, Tammy. I know Chris wouldn't write for anything when he was matter what form of writing I tried to tempt him with....journaling, stories, interviews....he just wouldn't do it. So, I didn't push him....the lovely thing about Homeschooling......I know it's just not everyone's gift, ya know. Then I began to worry when it came time for him to take the GED & having to write an essay on the topic they throw at you & with a time limit no about pressure. Well, he aced it! & then in college, English ended up being one of his favorite go figure!