Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's Been A Few Days

Guess you could say that not really much has been going on...things are back to normal and life is taking us full speed ahead. Jackie has gone back to school, Garrett has been back a week now, and of course Shawn is still in Georgia. Sunday Garrett and I spent the day in front of the computers playing games all day, I did scrap quite a bit, but never really finished anything that I started (gotta fix that), and then we just spent some quality "mommy and son" time together.

Monday was back to my typical work week. After work I did take Garrett to the library to get some books. We were really slack with the reading during the Holiday break, and now that school is back in session, he's taking AR tests again, and we needed books. I'm happy to say that he's reading again, and has already taken his first AR test from one of those books. No scrapping Monday night. My Creating Keepsakes Project 365 Kit did come on Monday though. I opened it and looked through the stuff a bit. A bit confused as to where to actually start as nothing was really labeled, so I'll have to take some time to really look at the stuff, and see how I want to progress with it. It's still on my dining room table as I type this, just how I left it.

Last night after work, I went with the women that I work with out to dinner. I made arrangements with Richie to pick up Garrett from daycare and went with them straight from work. I have to admit that it was nice to actually go out with them. We do it so rarely that I was honestly dreading it a little bit. But it turned out to be a really nice dinner and I'm really glad that I went. Afterwards, I rushed home to set the DVR for American Idol. Of course with Shawn not being home, I wasn't going to watch it without we'll have an American Idol marathon when he gets home...woo hoo! And then my show, Nip/Tuck was on last night as well. Haven't watched it in a couple of seasons, but I have to admit, I'm right back into it. Literally glued to the screen. I have to admit that I'm really loving the show, all over again, and a girl can really use some "Eye Candy" every now and again.

Anyways, Garrett will be with his Dad again tonight, and I'll be home alone *pout! pout!*, so I figured tonight will be a good night to finish up the two layouts that I have started, and then to tackle the Project 365 kit on my table. Wish me luck with that one.

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