Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day #18 - Picture #18

Straight to the Computer
*picture taken at 6:47pm

So, Richie brings Garrett home today at 6:00pm from having him over the weekend, and what does Garrett do?? You guessed it, heads straight to the computer....the kid would live on the computer 24-7 if you were to allow it...some of his favorite sites are Webkinz, (games), & Cartoon Network (games). I have to admit that at the moment it's okay....since Garretts internet hasn't been working in his room since Thanksgiving, Shawn hooked Garrett's computer up next to mine before he left for Georgia (will have to work on the wireless connection when he gets home) now I can sit here at my computer and scrap, and Garrett can sit right beside me and play his games...

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Penny said...

woohoo!!!!! Go Tammy!!! Day 18!!! I so understand about computers; my two love to be on them as well.