Monday, January 5, 2009

Day #5 - Picture #5

Back to School....I mean Day Care. Mommys bad!

Okay, the New Year is upon is, and most of the nation went back to work and to school today. I went back to work today, and the entire county that we live in went back to school, with the exception that is, of the year round schools. So needless to say, I got Garrett up this morning, got him dressed, fed, and we went out the door to take him to school.....WRONG! When we got there, the school was practically deserted except for a few cars. So, I called the school, and they confirmed that year round goes back to school tomorrow and that today was a teacher's workday. Mommys bad! So I ran home, packed Garrett a lunch and took him to daycare. So, instead of a picture of him walking to class, I snapped one of him walking inside the daycare...