Saturday, January 10, 2009

First Tooth Lost

I actually got some scrappiing done today.....Well, at least one page finished, and scanned. Thought I'd share it with you.

Journaling reads:
I know it’s really shallow of your Mommy, but I didn’t want you to be without any teeth for my 20th year class reunion. I prayed that you would at least wait until Family Night was over – and you did. You waited until the next day. You were at your Dads house, and had gone into your room and attached the dental floss that you had (from previous failed attempts at pulling your tooth) and pulled your own tooth. You then took it to Jackie with your mouth bleeding and she called me.
I said “take a picture, NOW!” and she did with her cell phone and sent it to me. I then talked to your dad and told him to take pictures too! That night the tooth fairy brought you $5.00 for your tooth – not to bad!!

*Your Dad told me that you had fallen out of bed that night as well. So I couldn’t resist asking you if maybe the tooth fairy might have knocked
you out of bed trying to get to your tooth??? Hmmmm…I wonder.

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