Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day #26 - Picture #26

Shawn and his son Tyler

My picture today is of Shawn and his son Tyler. Today we all went to Rosewood, NC ( a little over an hour and a half away) to see Tyler play in his schools basketball game. Tyler is in middle school, and our opportunities to go watch him play are really very few and far between, so we try to make as many games as possible (especially since Tyler is a well-rounded sports fanatic…(he plays it all, baseball, football, basketball, etc) We even took Shawn’s brother Tim with us! The basketball game was a complete defeat for Tyler’s team, but very entertaining. Afterwards we all went to Ci Ci’s Pizza for dinner…. guys choice, and then we walked a few stores down to Michael’s where I looked for scrapping supplies, and the four of them (imagine four guys loose in Michael’s) played around and had a good time. Shawn even thought enough to take a few pictures for me….so check out my other Blog for those pictures!

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