Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day #3 - Picture #3

My Car

While driving around today, trying to decide what my picture would be of today, I decided that I would take a picture of MY car. It's a 2005 Honda Accord, and it's mine. It dawned on me how important my car is to me.....just recently I had to replace the battery in the car. Up until then, I can honestly say that the car has absolutely been there for me. As much as I have neglected its appearance (the car washes, and such), to the very low maintenace that it requires, it's been a great car. I've driven several times to Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and several other places since I've had it. It gets me faithfully to and from work everyday too! I still love my car, and really wouldn't trade it for anything. It's Mine!!

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