Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day #13 - Picture #13

Girls Night Out

Rarely do the girls that I work with and I get to go out together. We all have busy schedules, and it just never seems to be able to work out. Last night, it actually just fell into place. I took a picture of the sign outside as Sandy doesn't like to be photographed, or me either for that matter, so I figured a group picture of us just wasn't gonna happen...we all had a great time together. LC, a salesman at work paid for our dinner. He typically gives us money throughout the year for lunch, dinner, etc. Of course we invited him along, but it wound up just being the four of us- Marie, Elise, Sandy and I.


Amy said...

So, cool to have a Girl's Night out! I LOVE TX steakhouse too. And ya you said about taking a picture a far it hasn't been hard at all. Actually some days it's been hard to CHOOSE just ONE pic to post for my picture of the day. Note to self right now........Take the camera with me to the library this afternoon!! Ask me later, Tammy if I remembered. ;-)

Penny said...

great shot! love the sunset!