Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day #30 - Picture #30

Scrapbooking Mess

Okay so I came home from work tonight wanting to finish up a couple of layouts that I had started, as well as a few other things that I needed to get to my computer for (like balancing checkbook, paying online bills, and uploading pics from my camera), but was rather disgusted with the "mess" that was facing me...My desk at work is a all neat and tidy, as I can't seem to work in "clutter", but for some reason when I'm at home, that theory doesn't seem to apply...I can work in the clutter! Really I can...but when you can't find your scissors, or the photo splits that you know you just had in your hands, then you know you have to do something! So, yep, I cleaned up my mess, with hopes of making another one later on tonight!!!


Amy said...

Gosh, you have such a neat mess. LOL I need to work on my scrap space a little more now. Spent the afternoon getting LOs into page protectors & then into albums......3 albums later.....I ran out of page protectors & will have to wait til I can get some more. I probably have another album full of pages that need to go up.

Sandee said...

That really doesn't look like much of a mess to me either. It looks more like work in progress. All those drawers in the background show you are truly organized....either that, or you love drawers!