Friday, January 16, 2009

Chapped Lips

My poor baby isn’t feeling really well, and on top of that has a really bad case of chapped lips. Bless his heart, his lips typically wind up like this two or three times a year, and just doesn’t realize that when he’s constantly licking his lips, he’s just making it worse….I tried to take a few pictures to document this so I could possibly do a scrapbook page later on. The pictures aren’t that great as he just wasn’t really in the mood for picture taking…..

On a positive note, he’s feeling much better today. Went to school with no issues and no fever!! Actually in very good spirits as well, so maybe the “not feeling good” was only for the evening.

Jackie won’t be coming home after all this weekend, makes me sad …apparently there is more damage to her car than originally estimated and her car isn’t ready for her to come home and get…

Shawn is still in Georgia….He’ll be home late Sunday night!! Woo! Hoo! I’m so excited that I can barely stand it….now to just get through the weekend….Not to mention, I’m taking Monday off from work….School and Daycare are both closed and I need to stay home and watch Garrett….so we get to spend the day together…..definitely something to look forward too…..

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Babydoll said... baby has the same problem in the winter time. The Dr. says it's because the heaters dry them out. She drinks plenty of water so I just try to keep them moisturized. I hope he's feeling better soon.