Saturday, January 31, 2009

So I've Been Scrappin' This Weekend...

and I wanted to share...

Today we had our first snow day of the year- and the most substantial one since 2004 You had the day off from school and Mommy got the day off from work! You woke up to a down pouring of snow, and immediately had to go out and play in it!! Honestly though, who could blame you, after all, it was a “snow day”. You spent hours outside off and on throughout the day. You’d come in long enough to warm up, and then head right back outside. We attempted to make a snowman and failed, so you settled for just throwing snowballs at me, one right after the other! Oh what fun we had!
Tuesday January 20, 2009.

Lucky for you, since Shawn started working at the mall, we tend to go there pretty often – definitely more than we used too that’s for sure. And of course, we can’t make a trip to the mall and NOT ride the carousel – right?
Monday, January 5, 2009

This year you cleaned out the entire pumpkin all by yourself! It was really tough for you, but you handled it with great enthusiasm. After all, it was YOUR pumpkin and you wanted to do it all by
yourself. Afterwards, Mommy & Shawn cut the design out from a pattern that we found online! What an awesome creation the three of us made –we even named him “Frank”!!
October 27, 2008


Amy said...

These are great...I especially love the Snow one!

Amy said...

Hey Tammy.....Sandee was asking me for your email addy so she could send you a link about getting Garrett's stories printed in book form. I don't even have your email addy......I guess you could send it straight to her or go through me whichever.

bAbYbEcKy said...

LOVE your layouts! I'm going to bookmark you since you are an 8.5x11 scrapper - it's so hard to find many that do that size anymore!!