Friday, January 2, 2009

Pokemon Christmas

Okay, so this is my first layout for the year 2009. Unfortunately I don't have any of my Christmas pictures developed and I really wanted to do a Christmas layout (not to mention, I can't seem to lay my hands on my photo paper), so what's a girl to do?? That's right, just print the picture on paper and scrap away....Of course I'll replace it when I get mine developed.

Journaling reads:

Even though Mommy remembered the one Pokemon game that you wanted, I’m pretty sure that Santa must have forgotten which ones to get, as he left you a gift card in your stocking instead. On Saturday the 27th, we ventured out to the Game Stop to use that gift card. The store was packed, literally. They did have a really good sale going on though – buy two used games and get one free. So, with some help from Mommy, you were able to get three more of the Pokemon DS games that you wanted. Not to mention all the other Pokemon stuff that you’d received already for Christmas. It definitely turned out to be a Pokemon Christmas for you! Christmas 2008.

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