Sunday, January 25, 2009

Been a few days..

since my last post....not really much going on. Life just continues to move in "fast forward", and then you wake up and it's Monday all over again.

Thursday, was work and then spending time with Garrett...I scrapped for awhile, and he sat here beside me and played on the computer until bedtime...I sat up and waited on Shawn to get home...

Friday (my weekend with Garrett) was a typical workday. I did get to have lunch with my daughter Jackie and her boyfriend Daniel. Then she stopped by my work and hung out with me for a bit...she took some pictures of me at work...and even had me take a few silly ones...she knows how I dislike my pictures and delete them as often as I can...but I figured I'd keep these and share! Heck, they made me smile...everyone needs some silliness in thier life right?

After work, we all went to Pizza Hut (woo hoo! Shawn got off early) for dinner. It was nice to be able to go out at night as a family for a change. With Shawn working so much at night, it's a real rarity to get to do this. Then we came home, watched a few DVR'd tv shows, and then played a few board games together...much needed family time! Gotta love that.

On Saturday, Shawn left for work and Garrett and I hung out together...he played on his computer most of the day while I did the dishes, laundry, and cleaned up a bit. Then we went to the mall to get a new Webkinz for him, and to briefly say hi to Shawn. Then I took him to McDonalds for lunch. But I surprised him and took him to the new one with the salt water fish tank inside of it. He loves that tank. He carried on a conversation with the elderly couple there too about the fish, he told them the names of the fish, and so on...they enjoyed his company and I think he like having someone new to dump all of his "fish" knowledge onto. Mommy's heard it a million times already....I did take a couple of pictures of him inside the McDonald's.

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Amy said...

What a great picture of you....WTG for getting IN FRONT of the camera! I'm trying to do that more myself.....I HATE having my picture taken. :-P

Cute pic of Garrett too....that fish tank is awesome!