Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day #28 - Picture #28

$1.00 Toys

Every so often we'll make a trip to the Dollar Tree to get a few things, and without fail, Garrett always winds up getting some sort of toy. I typically don't buy him toy toys there because the quality is horrible and he's so rough on things, but these water toys are different. You just fill the sink, or bowl with water and the things grow over four/five times their original size. Well we've had the snake for several months now (he lives in the guest bathroom). Every once in awhile he'll fill the sink up and put him back in the water and watch him grow again, and then I'll let the water out and he shrinks back to his original size...well now he has a dolphin too (due to our trip to the Dollar Tree on Friday). Today I went into the bathroom and saw the dolpin (and the snake) in the sink. Apparently he must've done this sometime this weekend and I just hadn't noticed, because we didn't get home until late, late Monday night, and he's been with his Dad since Tuesday afternoon......this is definitely worthy of a picture today, to document the "little things" that make my son happy!


Sandee said...

OMG! If I were a guest in your guest bathroom, I'd jump 6' in the air and scream bloody murder! Thank God I had girls!!! The only things floating in our sinks were Barbie Dolls!

Amy said...

LOL, Sandee!! Well, I've had my share of both.....nekkid Barbies galore & also my share of snakes & other critters that boys LOVE. Gotta love 'em!