Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day #8 - Picture #8

My Cell Phone

It may not be the "latest and greatest" out there these days, but it's mine and it's a very, very important thing in my life!! For the next ten days while Shawn is in Georgia, it'll be my only way of communication with him. Not to mention the fact that I use my phone to make my nightly "9:00" phone calls to Garrett on the nights that he's with his Dad. Plus, with Jackie switching to AT&T, we're gonna be burning up some "mobile to mobile" minutes the next time we get a chance to talk at length, or possibly even watch a tv show/movie together....Hey Jackie, Nip/Tuck next me!


Penny said...

great phone pict!!!

Amy said...

Cool pic!!! I love that you laid it on the calendar & you can see where it says 'Shawn leaves today'.......very cool. ;-)

Tammy Folk said...

Didn't even realize that until after I had taken the picture....kinda makes it all that more "cool" huh?