Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day #24 - Picture #24

A Much Deserved Reward

Last night, while the family was having dinner at Pizza Hut, Garrett's teacher called. I wasn't quick enough to get to my phone, so I was left with this completely awesome voice mail from her. As everyone who knows me knows, we have an ongoing struggle with Garrett. Garrett is an extremely intelligent child, and can do things well above his grade level "verabally"...but when it comes to having to write something, then we have a fight on our hands. His teacher is always calling me and telling me that he wouldn't write this story, or that story, and that she would be sending it home for him to do....he can tell you that same story all day long, but to get him to put it down on paper....well I guess you know where this is going....
Any hoo, word for word, the voice mail went like this....
Hi Ms. Townsend, It's Anita Pownall and I wanted to tell you that Garrett wrote a great paper today in class. It's like two pages or more about his snow day. So I wanted to tell you about that. Lots of details. It was excellent. I was so excited and I wanted to let you know!!
Heck, I was excited! Go Garrett!! Shawn had just told him the other day (the snow day to be exact while doing make up class "writing" work) that we knew he could do it, that he just needed to apply himself, and just get it done...well I guess he finally listened.
Well, since Garrett is into the Webkinz, I decided to reward him with another one...and we went to the mall in search of the dragon that he wanted....and by the picture, you can see that we were quite successful in our search! I'm very proud of you Garrett!!


Kim said...

Hi! I am a member of the Townsend Society of America, a family history and genealogy group with many members across the world. My Townsends lived in North and South Carolina in the 1800's. Do you happen to know anything about your Townsends and their lineage?
Thanks, Kim

Sandee said...

These are the moments that proclaim, "It's Mothers' Day"....not that Hallmark-sanctioned Sunday once a year. So, Happy Mothers' Day, Tammy!
Hey, I looked up your town on MapQuest and see that you are close to Fayetteville. One of my grandsons was born in Fayetteville! Daughter and hubby were stationed at Ft. Bragg. I almost got to meet Amy that year....We made it as far as Lynchburg when my hubby made me feel so guilty for leaving before the baby was born, that we met Amy's mom in a parking lot, shook hands and went back....Needless to say, baby wasn't born for another 3 days! Oh well.
There was the best quilt shop in Fayetteville with the most wonderful fabrics I'd seen all across the U.S. Have a great day!!

Amy said...

WooHoo.....WTG, Garrett!

Penny said...

woohoo!!! Great job Garrett!!!!!