Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day #6 - Picture #6

Back to School

After goofing up big time yesterday, we managed to get it right today. School for you DID INDEED start back today!! Even though you weren't really thrilled about going back, you didn't offer any resistance this morning either...just a few, "I'm tireds", but nothing else....thank you for that!! We woke up to more rain this morning and complete dreariness....but I was still able to get this picture of you right after I let you out of the car this morning. I truly hope the second half of your second grade year turns out better for you than your first half ....and that you will finally settle in to this school and just allow things to fall into place for you.

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Amy said...

WooHoo on all the pics, Tammy! Too funny about the school/daycare thing......but hey....you've got it documented now & you'll always be able to look back & giggle about it! ;-)