Friday, January 9, 2009

Day #9 - Picture #9

Feeding the Addiction

Since Garrett went back to school this week, I used the Webkinz as a bribery tool to get him to behave in school this week. The goal was to get "green" days every day this week, and I would buy him two new Webkinz today. Well he outdid himself this week, and was not only an angel at home, but a really great kid at school this week too! He managed to keep the mouth shut too, and that's most important!! He'll tell you up front, that he's a talker...Anyways, FYE in the mall had a sale, buy one regular priced one and get another for $5.00. Well twenty bucks for two isn't bad, but he couldn't decide which two....which is where the picture came into play for today. Decisions, decisions, decisions....he just sat right down on the floor with all of the ones that he wanted and tried to decide. I finally just caved and bought I bad or what?? Don't answer that.


Leslie said...

why didn't you buy a fourth - since that one would have been $5 - on the sly?

Penny said...

great pict! love the composition of it!

*Nikki* said...

go garrett!!!