Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Recap

Garrett and I went with Gary & Gnell and the kids today to Arnette Park for a picnic, and to walk the River Trail....We couldn't believe how crowded it was there, and how everyone else had the same idea that we did....but then again it's been in the 40's and 50's now for weeks, and to actually have a weekend with 78+ degrees is absolutely wonderful. I tried getting some pictures, but the batteries kept dying on me...and no spares with me this time. Go figure.

Then I took him to Toys R Us to get another Pokemon download. This time it was a Pokemon called I've never heard of, but Garrett was all about getting him. Gary & Gnell had taken a kite to the park to fly, but for some reason they couldn't get it up in the air. I remembered that Garrett had one in his closet when we got home and I took him outside to try and fly just wasn't windy enough to do so...plenty of wind, just not constant enough, so he opted to ride his bike instead. I'm really glad he wanted to be outside today, as the weather really is gorgeous, and he didn't need to spend the day in front of the computer, or the Wii anyways...

I did manage to finish this layout today though! I'm pretty pleased with it as well. It's called, Make a Wish (again and again). Read the journaling for explaination on my title. :)

Journaling reads: You started off with pancakes & bacon for breakfast and making your first wish. Then off to your party, where you made another wish, and then later tonight with the family you made yet another wish….you really made a lot of wishes today and I hope that each and every one of them come true for you! Happy Birthday Garrett!!

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