Friday, March 27, 2009

Day #86 - Picture #86

Easter Break/Spring Break & Intercession Begin

So today Garrett gets out of school for three weeks…this is sort of his Easter Break/Spring Break & Intercession all combined into one….the reason for intercession, is because he goes to year round school, and every so many weeks, they get three off….

So this picture today is for two reasons, one being it’s the last day of school, and two for what the school sign says….SNOW MAKE UP day….WHAT??? what the heck….we’re going on vacation the week after Easter, and we’ll still be in Pennsylvania on the 17th… why would I drive back three days early for him to go to school for half a day?? I’m not! Period!! Guess Garrett won’t be getting perfect attendance this nine weeks either…..oh well.


Sandee said...'re my kinda Mom!! Life goes on and PA sounds like and education in itself! What's in PA other than a lot of history?

Tammy Folk said...

Shawn's Mom & Dad....he was pratically born and raised in Willimsport his entire life...

It'll just be nice to get away from work and stress for a few days and just have quality family time together!