Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garrett Had his Physical Today....

and I figured I share some pictures of him being "happy" and "goofy", and just being his "typical self" before it turned ugly....please read the remainder of the blog post for details.

So today we had a doctors appointment. Garrett’s eight year well check to be exact….things began quite smoothly….Shawn picked him up from school, I picked Garrett up from home, and headed off to the Doctors Office. Still things are going great….we check in right at 3:00. They weigh Garrett in at 47.0 pounds today. And he’s now 51” tall (so he’ll get to ride all of those things that he couldn’t ride last year). Plus his hearing and vision are perfect, so no more worrying about possible hearing damage due to his surgeries when he was a baby.

I took several pictures of Garrett just sitting on the examining table waiting on Dr. Sy….I had too, he was just too cute, and just being his typical “happy” self. He was acting silly, listening to the iPod, eating fruit snacks, and “posing” for me….we were happy!! Unfortunately we were told that Garrett had to have a shot today….and that was like the worst thing that I could possibly tell him – ever….not just today, but any day! He shares in my fear of needles….and when I say it’s an ordeal, I literally mean it’s an ordeal….

But after the examination, and the nurse came in with the immunization, I had Garrett prepared….or so I thought. I WAS SO WRONG!! I didn’t realize that they were gonna prick his finger too, and get a blood sample and then doing that first! ….OMG it was torture watching that. I had no idea that they were going to do that, and so Garrett wasn’t prepared. He literally screamed and cried….and I had to hold him still…..and of course he doesn’t bleed easily, so she’s squeezing and squeezing his finger trying to get enough blood for her sample, and he’s crying and struggling….and then it gets worse…

After that, you think he wants the shot?? Not only no, but HELL NO!! And while she’s telling me to pull his pants down, he’s struggling with all of his might (and I am in awe of his strength at that moment) to keep them up….he’s holding them up, and we’re both trying to get them down. I finally manage to get them down, and him back on the table, but at this point he’s screaming, crying, and literally panicking. He’s kicking, trying to get away , and begging me not to let them do it…..lots of “please Mom, NO!” I had tears practically rolling down my face as I struggled with him…..The nurse finally decided that the two of us needed help and called another Doctor in to help hold him down while she gave him his shot….my heart was literally breaking on the inside, but what’s a mom to do?

Luckily it was over quickly, and we were able to go home….usually when he gets a physical with shots, we typically go to Dairy Queen for ice cream afterwards…..I asked if he still wanted to go, or did he want to go home….his sad little response was, “I do want ice cream, but I just want to go home Mom”…so we went home.

Within twenty minutes or so, all the pain had been forgotten and I was in the middle of getting my tail kicked in bowling on the Wii….his mind was focused elsewhere! Thank goodness…this is just another one of those “physical” days that we’ll remember for a long time to come, but the only one that we’ll have to experience this year….

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Mardi said...

I don't like needles either, poor little guy and as a Mom who has to try and hold him down, what a tramatic day! So glad it's over!